Homebuyer Education Class

Community Action Services and Food Bank offers a FREE first-time homebuyer class for everyone who wants to understand the process beforehand or for those who need a homebuyer education certificate in order to qualify for your loan. We provide a comprehensive homebuyer course which covers both the complexities of buying a house and the responsibilities of owning one.  It is designed to give you the knowledge and background necessary to confidently manage the homeownership process.

We are a HUD approved counseling agency with counselors trained in Pre-Purchase and Homeownership Education.  Our class course is based on the NeighborWorks America’s “Realizing the American Dream” curriculum and meets the National Industry Standards for Homebuyer Education. This class is approved for Utah community and lenders, as well as down payment and closing cost programs.

Classes fill quickly, so register today!


Some of Our Successes:

  1. M & N A.   came to our Homebuyer class in September. In their counseling session, we reviewed their loan estimate. They were concerned with an unexplained adjustment which would increase their loan fees by $3872. We advised them to go to the lender to find out what the adjustment was for. The lender told them it was a computer glitch that would be taken care of before closing, but weeks later when receiving their closing disclosure, it was still not corrected, still could not be explained. The couple didn’t feel good about it and decided to find a different lender.
    In our Home buyer class we talk about not signing loan documents they are not comfortable with and their lender could not explain or be willing to adjust. They were grateful for what they had learned at the class about understanding their documents, asking questions of their lender  and being comfortable with answers, and that they should not sign documents they did not agree with. They sought out another lender who was able to produce a loan estimate they understood and were willing to agree with. When they got the Closing Disclosure it was what was promised and understood.  With a new lender they were able to close on their home in just two weeks, without any unexplained fees saving almost $4,000.


  1. J & G W. came to CASFB applying for Habitat for Humanity for 2 years in a row. The first year they were not financially ready and were denied. We worked with them and they were able to pay off their debt, increase their credit score through obtaining and maintaining good credit usage, and begin saving. They applied again this year and were denied for “no need”-they were doing well now! But now they fit the qualifications for the USDA Self-Help Homes Program, so we were able to get their Homebuyer Education done and referred them to that program. They are now awaiting the beginning of the building project to have a home of their own.


  1. L & T S. came to CASFB for Pre-purchase counseling so they could get one-on-one help through their process. Wife has Lyme disease and has difficulty processing and remembering things. Over the course of 3 months, we worked closely with couple answering questions and helping them make sense of the homebuying process. We assisted them with the entire process, from Homebuyer Class and answering questions to document review and understanding before they signed. Couple was very happy to close on their loan and move into their new home.