Community Garden

Each year, beginning in April, Community Action Services and Food Bank rents small garden plots to families with limited yard space so they are able to grow their own fresh produce alongside their neighbors and other community members. All members of the community are welcome to rent a garden plot. There are five Community Action gardens in Provo:

  1. South Franklin Community Center Garden (770 S. 700 W.)
  2. North Park Neighborhood Garden (690 N. 100 W.)
  3. Franklin South Garden (700 S. 300 W.)
  4. Franklin Park Garden (100 S. 1050 W.)
  5. Tye Rae Garden (N. 950W.)

garden 1

Renter Responsibilities

Garden plots are 4 ft. x 15 ft. Water and tools will be provided by Community Action Services and Food Bank. However, each renter will be responsible for watering, weeding and maintaining their individual plot.

It is $15 to rent a plot for the entire season.

Additional Opportunities

Basic gardening classes will be available for Community Action Gardeners as well as the general public. Community Action will also designate one of the gardens to be a communal garden (gardening one large area collectively).

Benefits of this system include better produce yield, more contact with neighbors and better distribution of gardening techniques and knowledge. For more information you can visit to learn more about a productive communal-style garden.

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Rent Today

If you are interested in renting a garden plot or would like to request additional information regarding the program, please contact Kyle by calling 801-691-5207 or by email at

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