“The Potluck:” Provo’s Culinary Cultivation Center


Are you interested in the food industry and looking to start your own business?

Community Action Services and Food Bank offers a commercial kitchen to help start your own business. Small business owners can pay a reduced fee to rent and use the kitchen until they are able to secure a location of their own. The kitchen has room for food preparation and cooking, but no seating areas. Food can be made onsite and then taken to another location or picked up for take-out while the kitchen is being rented. The goal is to help businesses grow and flourish without the extra expense of renting out a permanent space.


While Community Action Services and Food Bank ensures that the commercial kitchen meets all health and safety regulations, in order to use it, individuals must have the following items:

  • Food Handler Permit
  • Annual Health Permit
  • Food Safety Manager Certificate
  • Liability Insurance
  • Business License
  • Tax ID Number

Each of these must be provided along with a detailed business plan that includes financial information. The cost of renting the kitchen is based on a sliding scale, factoring in the amount of time you use the kitchen, as well as federal poverty guidelines. Rent is due by the 1st of each month.

Rent Today

If you are interested in renting out the community kitchen or would like to request additional information regarding the program, please contact Casey Logan, culinary kitchen and microenterprise specialist, by calling 801-691-5104. by emailing clogan@communityactionuc.org.

Check our social media accounts to see updates on the kitchen (including its opening date).