Home Buyer Education

Come and learn the “ins” and “outs” of buying a home. This class covers all home buyer education requirements for any loan or down payment program. You will gain knowledge in regards to shopping for a lender and loan programs, become familiar with loan documents, and a lot more (See the agenda below for more info). Our teachers are certified by AHECI (American Homeowner Education and Counseling Insitute) and NeighborWorks.

If you are applying for a loan, mortgage insurance or down payment program which requires home buyer education, you need to attend the home buyer class and participate in personal pre-home ownership counseling. Please call us for an appointment.

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The Utah County class is held two times a month. You may sign up for the Saturday class or the evening class which is held over two evenings. You must attend the full six hour class to receive full credit.

Home Buyer Education Agenda

Session 1:

  • The Home Buying Process
    What comes first?
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Ownership
  • Budget and Money Management
  • The Lending Process
    Credit Issues
    Selecting a Lender
    Loan Pre-qualification
    Loan Products and Underwriting Guidelines
    Loan Application and Underwriting Process
    Settlement Documents
    Down Payment Assistance and Other Programs

Session 2:

  • Shopping for a Home
    Selecting a Builder
    Role of a Realtor and How to Select a Realtor
    The Purchase Contract
    Fair Housing Act
    Home Inspections
    Final Walk Through
  • Life as a Home Owner
    The Monthly Payment
    How to Prevent Foreclosure
    Getting to Know and Taking Care of a Home

Check the schedule of classes for location before registering.


Register online or by phone by calling 801-691-5200.

For Lenders and Real Estate Agents:
Home Buyer Class Invitation
Partnership Letter

Other resources:


Housing Education Coalition of Utah

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