Kid's Nutrition Pak


Each week you help us assemble over 1400 packs for kids who face food insecurity in their homes each weekend.  The packs contain 7 specific items that are easy for children to cook and eat on their own.  There are several ways to get involved with Kid’s Nutrition Pak. You can bring supplies for the project, pre-assemble packs, or donate money to support the program. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Here’s what goes in every pack:

1- Entree: This can be any type of entree such as EasyMac, can of Raveoli (as long as it’s a pull top), Cup O Noodles or something similar. It needs to be microwavable and easy for a kid to make

2- Juice: Any type of 100% juice in a sturdy container

3- Fruit Pouch: This could be applesauce in a squeeze pouch or an 8oz can of fruit with a pull tab lid. (nothing that requires a can opener). We no longer accept fruit or applesauce cups.

4- Dried fruit: Any type of dried fruit such as fruit leather, raisins. We would also accept a fruit and grain bar as well.

5- Granola or Protein bar: Healthy granola bar, fiber or protein bar.

6- Crackers: Any type of cracker such as crackers and cheese dips, peanut butter crackers, or anything similar

7- Fruit Snacks: Any brand of fruit snacks

Each item has to be individual wrapped and store bought. We can not accept homemade items. Once you’ve gathered all the food items, please put them in a gallon sized ziplock bag. It must be a clear bag; brown lunch bags are not accepted. We ask that you don’t put more than these 7 items in each pack. You are welcome to write positive uplifting notes to the kids who will receive them.

When the packs are all assembled, please drop them off at our facility during our business hours. You can find our address and hours here. Thank you!

Contact Warehouse Manager at  if you have questions or are interested in receiving them at your school.